Treatment Options

During our initial appointment, we will address the issues that you bring, whether they are physical, mental, emotional, or a matter of changing habits. As the issues are resolved, you will feel empowered in knowing the effect that food, thoughts, and emotions have on your overall health. You will be on the fast track to achieving your goals, and I am delighted to be your coach.

Varied Medical Care Treatments

Doctor with homeopathic remedies

My work is highly grounded in nutrition, and I use varied treatment options depending on your needs.

  • Biological medicine: this is a homeopathic specialized remedy; highly effective on bacterial, fungal, and viral problems
  • Classical Homeopathy for acute and chronic conditions
  • Flowers, oils, and gems for balancing the energy body (one of the four human bodies)
  • Botanicals (individually customized herb treatments)
  • Abdominal massage for constipation and other abdominal blockages
  • Clay therapy is used for herniated disks, subluxations, stiff joints, and skin rashes
  • Hydrotherapy (hot and cold water treatments)
  • Nutraceuticals (high doses of macro and micronutrients for healing)
  • Foot exercises  with balls to re-adjust body posture
  • Specific tinctures created for your condition
  • Vitamin B injections (combination of B vitamins depending on the needs)
  • Trigger Point Injections for joint problems such as arthritic pain ( such as Zeel and Traumeel)
  • Craniosacral therapy
  • Massage, either localized or abdominal depending on the affected area
  • Raindrop Therapy (Young Living Oils)
  • Yin Shin Yutsu (Mother’s Touch)
Hawaiian Sandalwood Tree
This tree is a Hawaiian sandalwood tree. It is a wonderful healer and we use it in homeopathic medicine.

Other Options Described

Homeopathic Intake

homeopathic medicines
These are some homeopathic remedies.

Homeopathic intake is the first consultation in homeopathy and is also known as the initial homeopathic intake; it lasts about two hours for chronic complaints and as long as needed in the case of acute complaints. It is the beginning of an often fascinating journey of healing and self-discovery.

Homeopathy is a natural alternative medical system based on the teachings of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, whose writings reach back to Germany in 1790.  His philosophy of “LIKE CURES LIKE” proposes that the body, stimulated by microdoses of specific medicines based on mineral, animal, and vegetable kingdoms, produce effective self-healing responses, and as a result, we get better in a way that also strengthens our deepest core.

Research is being done by those in the scientific world to better understand how homeopathy works. What we do know is how well it works and how powerful these medicines are when used properly. There are single remedies and combination remedies. More information will be forthcoming on this website.

Yin Shin Yutsu (Mother’s Touch)

Mother’s Touch is based on Jin Shin, which is a very ancient method of healing used in the Orient. As a form of trigger point therapy, Yin Shin Yutsu works to release tensions in the body, causing a variety of symptoms. Our bodies contain several pathways that provide life to our cells. In case one or more of these pathways become blocked, this damming effect may result in discomfort or pain. Not only will this blockage or stagnation disrupt the local area, but it will also further disrupt and ultimately disharmonize the entire energy flow path or paths. The objective of this treatment method is to unblock stagnated areas. The beginning of the Jin Shin healing method is very interesting. The story is told as follows:

In the late nineteenth century, on the island of Japan, a young man who was the second son of a physician discovered some ancient Oriental manuscripts. Jiro Murai was looking for his life’s work. His older brother would become a physician as his father was, for that was the custom of his people, but the second son was free to choose his own profession. The manuscripts Jiro Murai had discovered contained a whole system of healing using the energies of the body as they flow through channels called meridians.

Jiro Murai called the method “The Art of Circulation Reawaking.” Other names given it are “The Art of Longevity,” “The Art of Happiness” and “The Art of Benevolence.”

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