Diagnostic Tools

diagnostic tools

In my naturopathic practice, I am a family physician or primary care physician,  providing general medical care, occupational medicine, X-rays, laboratories, school and sports physicals.

I use a variety of diagnostic tools depending on your presenting symptoms.

  • – Food Allergy Testing
  • – Amino Acid and Hormonal Tests
  • – Heavy Metal Testing
  • – Homeopathic Intake
  • – Postural alignment assessment and specific exercises directed to rebalancing
  • – Regular medical exams: blood pressure, blood sugar, urine analysis
  • – pH Testing in Saliva and Urine
  • – Cardiovascular Tests  
  • – Adrenal Stress Tests

For information on the following, see Non-Invasive Diagnostics

  • – Iris and sclera diagnosis to assess your current state of health and your genetic predispositions
  • – Facial Diagnosis
  • – Tongue Diagnosis
  • – Pulse Diagnosis


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