With Natural

Doctor Paloma Defuentes
Naturopathic Physician, MANP, AANP

Medicines in which the principle of 'like cures like' stimulate self-healing responses.

I offer treatments highly grounded in nutrition and regular traditional medicine.

We use various diagnostics, non-invasive tests and standard blood & urine testing.

Mother’s Touch is based on Jin Shin, which is a very ancient method of healing.

Who I am

I Am A Trusted Naturopathic Physician In Bozeman

Hi! I am Dr. Paloma DeFuentes. In my practice, I focus on helping you find balance in the four areas of your life: physical, mental, emotional, and energy.

With my naturopathic physician training in the United States and classical medical training in Europe,  I provide the best possible healthcare. Due to my three degrees in medicine: an MD degree from Spain, a DO (doctor of osteopathic medicine) degree from England, and an ND Naturopathic Physician degree in the United States, I am able to offer many different types of healthcare services, such as nutrition, homeopathy, iridology, allopathic medical research, alternative diagnostic testing methods, health counseling, and so much more.

Laboratories And Suppliers Used At My Office

Montana Naturopathic Clinic

Delivering Wellness with Every Visit

Welcome to Montana Naturopathic Clinic

As my patient, not only will your physical health improve, but your mental
and emotional approach to your health also. Blockages to good health
will open up, and you will achieve your idea of perfect health.

What I Offer

A local clinic with first-class service

My office is a full-service medical facility offering care to people of all ages, chronic and acute health care, and  holistic urgent care. Pharmaceuticals can be prescribed. Home visits available.

Health Services

Become empowered in knowing the effect that food, thoughts, and emotions have on your overall health.

Medical Counseling

Listening to my patients is a must for me.  Honoring your thoughts and feelings is my primary goal.

Holistic Urgent Care

Having done 'true emergencies' as an MD, I can assess your issue and guide you to heal your dis-ease.

Medicine Research

Medical research is done
continuously in my office using new and innovative tools for diagnosis.

Expert Diagnostics

I offer the same services as a
primary care physician, using traditional and alternative  tools.

Montana Naturopathic

Naturopathy is a distinct primary healthcare profession, emphasizing prevention and optimal health.


Interview: Achieve Your Maximum Potential in Life

Introductory video interview with Dr. Paloma Defuentes.  Transcript also available.

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Why Choose Me

I go beyond traditional treatments to care holistically for each patient

Naturopathic physicians do not look at a disease and a protocol for that disease. We look at a human being with a unique imbalance that is manifesting as an illness.

Conveniently Located Clinic

I am conveniently located off Kagy Boulevard in Bozeman. I can accommodate walk-ins, and I offer in-home visits when necessary.

New Patients Are Welcome!

My office is open to new patients. I treat all ages, from birth to 100+. I help acute and chronic conditions, short and long-term imbalances.

Honest & Transparent Healthcare

I offer many different types of health services: Nutrition, Homeopathy, Medical Counseling, and Iridology. Contact me to learn more.

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Years Experience

I have practiced in Europe and the U.S.A.

Contact Dr. Defuentes

Have a question first? Fill out the form, and I will answer small medical questions (big ones require appointments).

    Become a Patient

    We assure patient satisfaction with personal care

    I have found that if the patient has decided to get well, he or she will get well. Intuitively, patients know what’s happening to them, and I honor this as a fundamental piece of their path to wellness.

    Benefits of being my patient:

    Contact Me

    (406) 556-1209

    Office Hours

    9 am - 5 pm


    What My Patients Are Saying

    Enjoy some testimonials from our patients during the years we have been open to the public.

    Dr Defuentes is fantastic. It is rare that you will find a healthcare professional with her depth of knowledge, experience, and skill set. She helped our teenage son through his skin condition with great care .


    My experience has been very positive. I feel I am on a path to healing fully, not just for what I came for but all aspects of my health. It is a long process, but worth it.


    Dr. Defuentes listens to me and my body and has helped me get back to health. I have nothing but respect and admiration for her and her methods.


    Dr. Defuentes has been great at helping solve my health problems over time. I have dealt with celiac disease, which is getting SO much better.


    Gracias por tu tiempo, tu conocimiento y recomendaciones. Pero en especial por escuchar y poner atención a mis preocupaciones.


    At the healthy cooking class, I understood how foods affect my body and how to boost my immune system. I also understood what my body parts actually do for me.


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      About Montana Naturopathic

      At Montana Naturopathic Clinic, I treat newborns to the end of life. I dedicate  myself to the service of humanity.

      I help my patients to achieve their goals, knowing that a healthy body will result in a healthy way of thinking.

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