What To Expect

I was once asked by a retired doctor: What is the difference between you, an ND, and me, an MD?

The difference is the type of glasses we use to look at people. As I was trained as an MD, I learned those glasses. When I became an ND, I learned how to look at people as a whole, with their idiosyncrasies that make them a unique human being. Naturopathic physicians do not look at a disease and a protocol for that disease. We look at a human being with a unique imbalance that is manifesting as an illness.

Naturopathic medicine has been a distinct American health care profession for over 100 years. We are trained to recognize your innate ability to heal and remove obstacles to healing and recovery, and also to facilitate this inherent self-healing process. We’re committed to using cutting edge medical knowledge and tools to resolve your health issues and to create health solutions that can be uniquely tailored to your individual needs. We take the time to listen to your needs. We provide you with the space and answers you need to feel cared for and supported, and all of this will enable you to take control of your health. Empowering you with the knowledge about your body is what you will receive in my office.

Your body’s natural ability to heal itself is one of the foundational roots of Naturopathic and holistic medicine. Other roots are: nutrition, good exercise, good mental attitudes, and habits of health. You will be taught these foundations as you enter this approach of healing.

Ready for an appointment?

Usually when clients come to get established at my office, the first appointment is 1 hour 30 minutes, which includes taking the medical history and a medical exam. Follow ups are one hour.

You could come just for an acute visit that is half an hour where I will assess just one condition, for example an ear infection.