Enjoy some testimonials from our patients during the years we have been open to the public.

Dr Defuentes is fantastic.  It is rare that you will find a health care professional with her depth of knowledge, experience and skill-set.  She helped our teen-age son through his skin condition with great care and a finely-tuned approach.  She is patient, thoughtful, and yet very thorough.  This is our 3rd child, so we’ve seen a lot of providers; but no one quite like Dr. Defuentes.  We are lucky we have her as a resource!
~ Bozeman
Rick B

Dr. Defuentes listens to me and my body and has helped me get back to health. I have nothing but respect and admiration for her and her methods.


My experience has been very positive. I feel I am on a path to healing fully, not just for what I came for, but all aspects of my health. It is a long process, but worth it


You have such a calming effect on me. I enjoy seeing you and coming here. I am so grateful I found you. Thank you very much.


So much great information! I am excited to apply what I’ve learned to my everyday life!


The homeopathy class was great! I enjoyed the demonstrations and open discussion. I learned so much and look forward to the next class!


Dr. Defuentes has so much knowledge and passion and is a dedicated and interesting teacher!


Dr. Defuentes has been great at helping solve my health problems over time. I have dealt with celiac disease, which is getting so much better. We also discovered a sensitivity to peanut butter, which was causing health problems. Dr. Defuentes has been so helpful!


Dr. Defuentes is very knowledgeable and presents the homeopathy information in a most entertaining way!


Dr. Defuentes exposed us to unique experiences, like chewing each mouthful of food for 60 seconds. I love her calmness and knowledge.


The information on menopause was clear and complete. It was interesting, and the discussion was great!


I learned how to cook different grains. I appreciate Dr. Defuentes’s passion and willingness to give to our community. I also enjoy listening to your radio spots.


At the healthy cooking class, I understood how foods affect my body and how to boost my immune system. I also understood what my body parts actually do for me.


Doctor: Did you get what you needed from my office?
Patient: Yes, thank you for your time, your knowledge and recommendations, but especially thank you for listening and for paying attention to my worries.

M.L - English

Doctora: Espero que hayas recibido lo que necesitabas de la oficina.
Paciente: “Sí, gracias por tu tiempo, tu conocimiento y recomendaciones. Pero en especial por escuchar y poner atención a mis preocupaciones ”

M.L - Spanish