Diagnostic Tools

Assessment Diagnostic Tools


At Montana Naturopathic Clinic, we value and embrace the patient-centered approach. We find the root causes of the problem and provide individualized Naturopathic treatments to our patients. Your health will be assessed at the office by using easy, hands-on tools, that are cost effective and accurate.


Some of the Tools are:

  • Facial diagnosis: The doctor learned by many years of studying macrobiotics and specific courses taken on this subject. Please see the Facebook page for more information on facial diagnosis.


  • Iris diagnosis: Brings information on your past medical history and your health tendencies, as well as your constitutional strengths

iridology-chart-left-iris iridology-chart-right-iris

  • Tongue diagnosis: Heart conditions and mineral and vitamin deficiencies. 


  • Other tools : Regular medical exam, blood pressure, ph in saliva and urine, and urine analysis


  • After these assessments, other tests may be ordered and followed up at subsequent visits. These tests may include food allergy, hormonal, cardiovascular, and adrenal stress tests, as well as others. 


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