Patient Testimonials

J.F. 7/16/17. "My experience has been very positive. I feel I am on a path to healing fully, not just for what I came for, but all aspects of my health. It is a long process, but worth it


H.CH.4/25/2017. "You have such a calming effect on me. I enjoy seeing you and coming here. I am so grateful I found you. Thank you very much."


D.S. 1/09/2016 "Dr. Defuentes listens to me and my body and has helped me get back to health. I have nothing but respect and admiration for her and her methods."


P.L. 1/03/2016 "Dr. Defuentes has been great at helping solve my health problems over time. I have dealt with celiac disease, which is getting so much better. We also discovered a sensitivity to peanut butter, which was causing health problems. Dr. Defuentes has been so helpful!"


G.O. 10/24/2016 "I have been seeing Dr. Defuentes for about eight months. Since coming to see her, I have been able to take control of my life again. She helped me understand that I can heal myself. I do not have to live with ulcerative colitis. I can choose to live a happy, healthy and meaningful life. I am not longer taking any medication. I am back to a healthy weight. I am doing the things I love to do and I am loving life, the natural way! She has inspired me to believe in myself. I am very grateful for her expertise. My condition is no longer holding me back. My body is powerful!"


G.F. 6/03/2016 "Dr. Defuentes is very knowledgeable and presents the homeopathy information in a most entertaining way!"


A.O. 6/03/2016 " So much great information! I am excited to apply what I've learned to my everyday life!"


S.B. 6/03/2016 "The homeopathy class was great! I enjoyed the demonstrations and open discussion. I learned so much and look forward to the next class!"


T.D. 6/03/2016 "Dr. Defuentes has so much knowledge and passion and is a dedicated and interesting teacher!"


R.W. 6/03/2016 "The information on menopause was clear and complete. It was interesting, and the discussion was great!"


D.O. 6/03/2016 "I learned how to cook different grains. I appreciate Dr. Defuentes's passion and willingness to give to our community. I also enjoy listening to your radio spots."


F.D. 6/3/2016 "At the healthy cooking class, I understood how foods affect my body and how to boost my immune system. I also understood what my body parts actually do for me."


B.Y.R. 5/15/2016 "Great class! Thank you so much for teaching healthy cooking. I really got a lot from the experience! Thanks again!"


S.K. 5/15/2016 "Dr. Defuentes exposed us to unique experiences, like chewing each mouthful of food for 60 seconds. I love her calmness and knowledge."


W.K. 5/15/2016 "The pacing of the class was great. The information was very practical and was balanced and specific. Dr. Defuentes had a graceful way where everyone was included."


T.R. 5/15/2016 "Dr. Defuentes has vast knowledge and is open to questions."


A.A. 5/15/2016 "I love the hands-on mix of handouts and PowerPoint."


H.F. 5/15/2016 "Great addition of new food. The lecture was great, and the food was awesome!"


T.F. 5/15/2016 "I learned so much at this cooking class about how food affects emotions. The demonstration of food preparation was very balanced and well presented."


E.H. 5/01/2016 "I love learning new recipes and trying the foods at the cooking classes."


B.Y.R. 5/01/2016 "Thank you, Dr. Defuentes, for being such a thorough teacher for our cooking class."


H.M. 4/15/2016 "About three years ago, I began experiencing some health issues. I tried seeking help from my medical doctor, but several months, specialists, and various medications later, my symptoms were only getting worse. I began doing some research into my condition and seeking possible natural treatments. During this research, I found Dr. Defuentes at the Montana Naturopathic Clinic. I had never been to a Naturopathic Doctor, but I was desperate and willing to try something new. I have been seeing Dr. Defuentes for a year now, and I feel better than I have in several years! Dr. Defuentes has taught me how to eat for healing and has provided natural supplements to promote healing without medications. It took a while to work through my issues, and I became frustrated and down at times, but Dr. Defuentes patiently worked with me and encouraged me when I was down. I really appreciate her patience in working through my issues and her genuine desire to see me healed and healthy. Her patience and commitment to coaching me (and others) back to health are rare occurrences and difficult to find in today's society. She is definitely worth the 160 miles I drive every month to consult with her! Thank you, Dr. Defuentes! You are a rare jewel!"


J.B. 1/08/2016 "I would highly recommend Dr. Defuentes. She is very knowledgeable in all areas. I have searched for a holistic doctor in the area for a number of years, and I have finally found a good one. She even helped my husband during an emergency on a holiday. Her concern was greatly appreciated. Not many doctors would do that. Thank you, Dr. Defuentes. You are a life saver."


J.G. 1/04/2015 “I came to Dr. Defuentes at the recommendation of a stranger that I met on the phone at work.  From the very first appointment, I found Dr. Defuentes to be caring and nonjudgmental, and she spends as much time as necessary to discuss my concerns.  I completely trust her decisions with the strategy of my health care and I’m in awe of her experience, knowledge and wisdom. I leave my appointments feeling energized, confident about my improving health, and empowered with new ideas on nutrition and taking care of my emotional self.”

M.T. 12/22/2015 “ I was really excited to quit coughing after following Dr. Defuentes’s advice and learning what I was allergic to. Also, changing my diet, I feel better and have more energy. I may be starting to lose weight, as well. The problem with my eye is healing, and my vision is starting to return.”

R.R. 2/6/2015 "Dr. Defuentes has been able to provide me with the comprehensive, holistic medical treatment necessary to get me on a healing track. She takes her time to listen to concerns, answers questions and provides the most thoughtful medical care I've ever received. I'm so glad I found her!"
H.A. 6/25/2015 “I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Defuentes. She has been more than a doctor; she has been a teacher, helper, guide, counselor, mentor, and friend. She truly has a heart for her patients, not merely prescribing, but listening, guiding, sharing wisdom, and providing a place and helping hand for those seeking to heal and grow. She has been a life-changing help and an inspiration to me, and I now hope to pass on some of the knowledge, healing, and heart she has given me to others on the journey toward wellness.”
R.L. 12/15/2015 "After going through 4 years and about 30 doctors, ranging from Cardiologists, Neurologists, Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists, Cranial Sacral Therapist, Naturopaths & Nutritionists, I finally found Dr. Defuentes. I had been suffering with a large variety of debilitating symptoms that had left me at points, for months at a time, bedridden. Dr. Defuentes treated me like a human being whose thoughts, feelings and symptoms mattered. She listened and accommodated my needs more than any other doctor I have come in contact with. She is so in tune with how the mind and body work that she was able to pinpoint certain issues that no one else had even thought of. After about a month on the right diet with the right supplements, I went from feeling as if I was never going to function again to being able to enroll in college and resume the life I had put on hold 4 years ago. She is a phenomenal doctor."
L.R 10/7/2014 "Dr. Defuentes has been able to provide me the comprehensive, holistic medical treatment necessary to get me on a healing track. She takes her time to listen to your concerns, answer your questions and provides the most thoughtful medical care I've ever received. I'm so grateful I found her!"
S.S. 8/05/2014 "I grew up with stories of leprechauns and the mythical pot of gold, but I found a real pot of gold when I discovered Dr. Defuentes. After a recent trip to the emergency room, I was advised to get a primary doctor, which led me to Dr. Defuentes. I have never worked with such a compassionate, effective health care provider. I appreciate how she draws on her expansive knowledge to address all aspects of my health. I also appreciate the tools she gives me to do the work I need to do to assist in my healing. Working with Dr. Defuentes is a genuine team effort. I recommend visiting her office for your health care needs."
L.E. 6/2014 A four-year-old girl recently visited the office and was crying because she was afraid of doctors. When she left, she told her mom, "Mom, I want to come here every day!" 
W.B. 1/2014 "I first came to Dr. Defuentes in a severe health crisis. My condition was very painful and debilitating. I felt immediately comfortable in her presence and knew I had come to the right place. She approached my condition holistically, and we began a course of action that eventually led me to a state of health better than I have ever felt in the past. Together, over the course of roughly six months, we turned my health around. Her patience, compassion, and tenacity were all great gifts in helping me to come to a place of vibrant and healthy living."
S.C. 4/2014 "How do you feel about the visit?" (Dr Defuentes asked). "I feel I have come home. I feel I am in good hands now. Thank you."
O. H. "I highly recommend Montana Naturopathic Clinic & Holistic Urgent Care. I started seeing Dr. Defuentes when my energy level and health were at an all time low from years of overwork and stress. Dr. Defuentes worked with me in a compassionate, intelligent, and efficient manner to systematically rebuild my strength and energy reserves to a new high level. I am thoroughly delighted with her approach as well as with the depth and breadth of her knowledge and experience, and I am so glad to have found a doctor I can rely on with confidence."
E.G. "Dr. Defuentes has been a gift to my health on several levels. Her holistic approach helped me connect all aspects of my health, physical, emotional and spiritual, as I addressed severe sinus and peri-menopausal health concerns. Dr. Defuentes provided the natural supplements and nutritional counseling to help my body heal from toxins and unchecked allergies. Additionally, her nutritional classes and words of wisdom helped me reframe my relationship to food and taught me how to nourish my well-being by consciously choosing healthy foods.
Both  my family and I are healthier because of her expertise and commitment to helping people cure themselves through this holistic approach.
I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Defuentes if you are looking for healing and long-term natural solutions to any health problems you face."
H.A. "I decided to visit Dr. Defuentes because of her excellent reputation around town, and because of her extensive and balanced education and training - three doctoral degrees (MD in Spain, DO in England and ND in the US), as well as vast knowledge in healing through nutrition.
Dr. Defuentes took the time to really listen and find the root causes of my illness, rather than only treating the symptoms. She taught me about my own body and how best to care for it. By helping me to take responsibility for my own health, we were able to work as partners in helping me achieve wellness.
Dr. Defuentes has also taught a number of Adult Education classes on nutritional cooking, greatly benefitting the community.
I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Defuentes. She has been more than a doctor; she has been a teacher, helper, guide, counselor, mentor and friend. She has been a life-changing help and an inspiration to me."

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