"To help people achieve their maximum potential in life"

 About Us


What sets me apart from most other naturopathic doctors is my previous full training and practice of medicine. I was an MD in Spain and a Doctor of Osteopathy in the United Kingdom. I started medical school at the age of 16 and graduated at age 22. I have looked for ways to help my fellow humans since then—about 36 years. Always striving for simplicity, even while being aware of the complexity of human beings, I have found that if the patient has decided to get well­—he or she will get well. Through my experience, I have learned that patients intuitively know what’s happening with them, and I honor this as a fundamental piece of their path to wellness.

Along with many others, here are some of the conditions that I treat:

  • Muscular-skeletal problems (sprains, back pain, muscle pain)
  • Low & high blood sugar; vertigo
  • Food & environmental allergies in children and adults
  • Depression, sadness; disconnection of body & mind
  • Hormone imbalances, mineral deficiencies, and adrenal fatigue