Dear readers:

Having been born in Europe, I am always amazed at the non-understanding of what is called a “geopathic stress” or another name will be a “Sick building syndrome”.
That means there are places that are not good living spaces, or positioning of beds or sofas or work-desks that might be affecting your health more than you think.
Are human beings just made out of a flesh body? Acupuncturists surely do not think so, treating the meridians of energy of a person. Homeopathy works also on the subtler, electrical body of a human being. So do other therapies or energy healers.

It is so true that if you do not see something
with your physical eyes it is harder to believe it exists……….and that it might be affecting you and your family.
Simple devices can be used to measure electromagnetic interferences. Some people can tune in with their own bodies to feel those.
Either way you use, let me assure you that geopathic energy will affect your family life, and will deeply affect your health.

Geopathic stress comes under the study of the science of Geobiology. Geobiology then looks at the influence of “earth energies” on all forms of life. It believes that the earth is threaded with energy lines or meridians of electromagnetic energy, which have a powerful influence on living things. Scientists have proven this invisible
energy passes through all matter, affecting every living system on the planet, in either a negative or positive way.

Man is an electromagnetic creature with every cell in the living system an electrical battery. The electrical system is reflected even more subtly as the human aura, which is a photographable and measurable electrical field.

A partial list of Geopathic Stress would include sleep disorders, tingling, numbness and/or pain in arms and legs, chronic fatigue, aching and swelling, dizziness, frequent headaches, vision problems, disorientation, memory loss, instability, stress, nausea, inability to heal, allergies, problematic menstrual cycles, anxiety, listlessness, resistance to medical treatment, inability to absorb vitamins and minerals, ADD, hyperactivity, depression and a general feeling of malaise.