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July 2022

July 2021

Treatment for Migraines

2021-11-18T15:50:34-07:00Naturopathic Medicine|

So many people have headaches that turn into migraines. I am giving you a few ideas that you can try at home before a visit to my medical office. Here are a few tips: • Avoid dairy as a possible food allergen; dairy is mucous-forming and can possibly worsen headaches. • During the aura [...]

March 2018

Caring for Your Body as a Whole

2022-05-06T18:23:40-06:00Diagnostic Testing, Mind-Body Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, Nutrition, Physical Medicine, Public Health|

What does this mean? I often get people in my office with a list of complaints about their bodies not working well. Which one do I address first? As a naturopathic physician, I am used to looking at symptoms on a hierarchical level. There are organs that are, by their function, priority organs. Parts of [...]

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Spring 2022

2022-05-06T18:26:09-06:00Naturopathic Medicine|

Suggestions to help you achieve your greatest potential for Spring, 2016: Go outdoors. Practice deep breathing. Sweating is important. Do exercises that heat up your body. Take hot and cold showers. Practice a lot of singing. Put your body upside down. Your body needs less sleep. Eat warm food. Use warmer colors: greens, light [...]

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